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Buyer Services for Buyers

Deal Sourcing

The Advisors at Nye Commercial spend a significant amount of their time sourcing new deals. In today’s difficult and changing environment, investors need a broker that understands the market and has the ability to locate real deals. The Manufactured Housing Team at Nye Commercial has been building relationships for over twenty years on a local, regional, and national level. We use these relationships, a tireless work ethic, a wealth of knowledge, superior technology, and our powerful reputation to locate new deals for our clients.



Understanding the value of manufactured housing communities can be a difficult task for first-time buyers and seasoned investors alike. Nye Commercial’s Manufactured Housing Group has the experience to locate potential problems and opportunities when evaluating parks. We understand hidden challenges that may arise and potential solutions to those challenges. Moreover, our Advisors closely follow cap rate movements, interest rate and financing trends, and demographic changes that impact the current and future of manufactured housing communities.

The Manufactured Housing Group at Nye Commercial also understands the nuances of the business such as all-age versus senior parks, park-owned units, vacant sites, single wide versus double-wide units, RV sites, park model RV’s, amenity packages, utilities, and capital expenses. All of these items factor into the value of the park. Correctly identifying these issues and valuing the park accordingly will ensure that the investor reaches all of his or her desired investment goals. Nye Commercial has the experience and knowledge to help our clients minimize valuation mistakes when purchasing a park.


Bringing buyers and sellers together is a challenge in every deal. Negotiation is a complex matter and all real estate deals are unique. Our advisors have the experience and ability to successfully negotiate a purchase for our clients. We understand that every buyer and seller has different needs and motivations. The Manufactured Housing Team at Nye Commercial continuously studies market conditions to help our clients develop strong bargaining positions and understand leverage throughout the negotiation process. Our advisors gather all of the necessary information and pay close attention to the small details to ensure that the right deal is made. We have the expertise and experience to assist in evaluating different alternatives in deal structure to maximize investor returns.


Whether you are assuming existing financing or searching for new debt, the loan process can be very difficult. Nye Commercial’s Advisors can help investors find the right lender to match every deal. We have established relationships with both local, community, recourse lenders and non-recourse mortgage brokers around the country. These relationships allow us to find the most competitive lenders for the investment type in a timely and efficient manner. Furthermore, understanding realistic financing conditions gives our clients a clear advantage during the negotiation process.

Due Diligence

The due diligence process can be difficult to navigate for buyers. Our Advisors have closed over $400,000,000 in MH and RV parks and have the experience to locate and review important due diligence documents. We assist in finding credit, collateral, operational, and environmental issues to be sure that investors uncover potential problems with an investment prior to purchase.