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We come into work each day with a passion for real estate and the ambition to be a pillar within the community. We are not an international real estate firm or a Fortune 500 company and we’ll never strive to be. We utilize the most sophisticated commercial real estate technologies to provide us with real time data and statistics to deliver honest real estate analytics to clients and investors. We offer timely solutions and services tailored to their project when the time is right. This is something we take great pride in.


At Nye Commercial Advisors, we inspire character and re-enforce the element of community in our people and the industry. Our people are taught to lead with authenticity and integrity. This type of leadership is understood to attract others of similar qualities. We encourage a healthy work-life balance, teamwork and enthusiasm which enhances the overall experience at Nye. Our family values rely on honesty and respect. This ideal is embedded into our commitment to our people and our clients.


Nye Commercial Advisors is an integrated commercial real estate firm providing investors and clients alike with a single source solution for all their real estate needs. Our regional market insight coupled with our deep roots in surrounding communities give us the ability to create solutions to complex projects, as well as help investors drive their real estate portfolio performance ultimately increasing their asset's performance and value.




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The owner of the property did not want openly market the facility, thus making it difficult to reach many investors who may be interested in the purchase.


Our advisor quietly presented a confidential offering memorandum to a small list of highly qualified private equity funds and buyers.


Based on our close industry relationships, Nye Commercial Advisors was able to bring in multiple offers at prices much higher then previous, un-solicited offers. The seller exited the transaction with a final net number that was previously deemed as "un-achievable".